Succeed like a Woman in Mexico
This event embodies the true meaning of EPICWOMAN, your entrepreneurial journey and LIFE.
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The Event

This isn’t a typical business conference…

EPICWOMAN is a 3 day revival, rebirth and renewal of your mind, your heart, your soul AND your business.

At EPICWOMAN you’ll learn…

- How to remove any limitations or guilt so that you can show up consistently.

- How to be more of yourself so that you can naturally attract more of your people.

- How to create a brand that consistently produces predictable revenue.

- How to sell more products and services without selling your soul and all of your time.

And so much more…

Connections and Fun!
Community is everything!

Being at EPICWOMAN puts you in the room with the experts who are doing what you want to do successfully… and still loving life! It’s the same room where you’ll laugh, dance, cry, and connect with your next profitable collaboration partner.

You don’t have to do anything alone. Building quality relationships is the cheat code. It's how you’ll get to your next level of success in business and life faster.

Epic women have fun doing it!

We succeed with community.
We succeed with sisterhood.

Soul + Sisterhood + Business Success
Imagine attending a conference where you can be yourself, let your guard down and get the support you need to help grow your business?

Epic soul requires epic sisterhood.

We accept that men and women have different needs in a lot of areas in life. So why don’t we accept it in business?

Why do we expect women entrepreneurs to work the same way as men? And while we’re at it, why the hell would we want to work the same way as men?

I’m not afraid to say it: Women are fucking incredible. We lead with power and purpose—while staying open to others’ advice. We listen and learn—while honoring our own voices by speaking up on the things we care about. We courageously follow the path towards our own calling—while supporting the other women who travel along that path beside us.

None of that "I don't need help," bullshit. None of that cutthroat corporate competition. That’s not how women succeed.

Meet Your Event Host & Speaker Aprille Franks
Aprille Franks is a master business strategist whose goal is to close the gender pay gap by helping women make more money through entrepreneurship. She coaches women leaders, subject matter experts and speakers looking to be empowered economically to create a life with more options, to be a contribution to her family and society.

Through EPICWOMAN: Business + Lifestyle, Aprille is teaching her clients how to build their own online niche communities and launch their products, services and events.

Our past attendees share their experiences

Kenya K, Attendee

“I made the extra investment in the VIP Mogul Day because I’m a VIP Mogul. I also understand that with that additional investment, Aprille would go over and beyond to ensure that we left with more than what we came for. And that’s exactly what happened.

Kysha M, Attendee

“I actually feel sorry for people who did not attend today (Mogul Day) because I feel like today was the day to really embody who we will be and everything that came from today allows us to do that.”

Sharon D, Attendee

“I’m loving everything. The breakthroughs, the tears, all the things. I’m loving it.”

Marisa R. Attendee

“There is nothing like being in that room. There is an energy and an electricity and a sense of community and sisterhood…”

Wendy R, Attendee

“I decided to attend EPIC in Atlanta because it was time to connect with some dope ass women."

Shakita T, Attendee

“I came for the content about building a business and what I got was the soul work that I did not know that I needed"

Speaker Sneak Peak
Get a glimpse at our group of engaging and
empowering speakers and experts!

What you'll learn:
  • Remove any blocks/limitations/guilt that's standing in your way
  • How to create the framework to your brand so revenue is as predictable for you as it is for us
  • How to be more strategic with building a stronger presence online
  • How to be more naturally influential so you attract more of "your people"
  • How to sell more of your products and services during a pandemic or not
  • How to take control of your numbers so you can be more intentional with how you deliver on your services
  • AND the answers to the questions you don't know to ask!
Register Today & SAVE your Seat
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If there's one word that could sum up EPICWOMAN, it's transformative. This isn't an event you'll forget about the following week. It's a soul-centered experience that will give you tools and strategies to create real, long-lasting positive change - not only in your business, but in the lives of your clients.

Mogul October 19-22 | Emerge October 20-22

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EPICWOMAN is taking place at the HILTON internationally located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico! An adult only, all inclusive resort, on the beach is the perfect environment to learn, connect and relax.


Helping you grow your business every step of the way!
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Helping you grow your business every step of the way!
Copyright © 2022 Aprille Franks & Co.